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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things heard around my house: June 2010

"Look! I found the letter B for bug! Now where is the U and G?" Kaylee."How do you spell bug?" I asked, thinking she might be spelling already. "G.I. ummmm R.", she replied. Guess it hasn't clicked yet...

"I remember. I have a big brain, you know." Joshua

"Are you home now? Because I was just yelling" a text message from my neighbor. I loved this, because it's only a matter of time before she hears me yelling.

"I'm going to be a great driver when I'm 100 years old!" Joshua

"I know you spilled milk, but you can't take off your shirt in the restaurant." Me to K
"If you want to play outside, you have to wear pants." Me to K
"Yes, you spilled water, but you have to leave your dress on at church." Me to K
"I know your pants are dirty, but you have to keep them on at the park." (Take a guess)

"I want your life. I'm ready to upgrade, and this is what I want."
My dear friend said to me. "This life comes with a VERY dirty house, you know." I replied. This comment stuck with me for days; a great compliment and humbling reminder to be grateful for my husband, kids, dirty house, part time job and to enjoy this life.



Christine said...

LOL Amy Jo!! I love when you share these...still LOL!!

mom said...

keep these coming....I love them too!


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