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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mommy Necklace

One of my most recent purchases was from Mommy Necklaces.
Normally I can look at something and say, "No way! I'm not going to buy this. I'll make one myself!" But, I'm not really patient enough to make jewelry, and I wanted this. I needed this necklace. Gracie needed it.

This is what got me to click "purchase":
*$.99 shipping. I love me some cheap shipping!

*"A nursing necklace aids in reducing pinching, pulling and distractability while nursing" oh yeah! I'm tired of rescuing my glasses from Gracie's strong grip.

*They are super cute.

*3 year warranty not to break

*Tested for safety
*It matches half of my wardrobe

*And lastly, supporting another mommy entrepreneur, since I am trying to do the same thing!

Pardon my "mommy ponytail"; I had no idea it was really that bad until I saw this photo.

P.S. I did not receive any thing from mommy necklaces; just sharing something super cool.

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