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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mommy has 1,000 worms

As we walked out of pre-school the other day, Joshua started crying and talking about worms. He wanted to dig up more worms and if we didn't do it RIGHT NOW, we'll NEVER EVER dig up enough worms.

I had no idea what was going on. But there were lots of tears.

I softly said, "Do you know that Mommy has one thousand worms at home? We don't need to dig up any." He stopped crying; I don't think he expected me to say something like that.

When we got home, I took him down to the basement and showed him the Worm Factory. He wasn't as impressed as I expected, but I was pretty excited to see that my coffee grinds have been composted into dark, nutrient rich soil. Those worms have been working down there for 7 months now, eating through my garbage. Quiet as can be....I usually forget they are there until a meltdown happens and they save the day.

This is the worm factory; I think it's more like a worm condo. They move upwards as they consume the food in the lower containers.
They are eating through laundry lint, coffee grinds, tea bags and newspapers. It looks better in person, I swear...just like the super rich nutrient soil you might buy from a garden supply.



Shannon said...

oklay so how did you get it? How did you get started?? Jackson would dig it and Id love to do something more for our planet. Does it have to be kept inside?

ookamama said...

ughhhh , still cant beleive you have those in your basement!.... but good for you and your environmental contrinutations to the earth. =)

Sara said...

warms to the rescue!

i wanna see them next time i come over ;-)

mom said...

love this....worms saved the day! Never would I have expected worms would be your thing...I am with Liz...and congratulate and support you on your environmental contribution!!! : )


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