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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kaylee's Babies

I took most of these photos in a 24 hour time period. I find babies wrapped up in blankets, towels, washcloths all over the place. I think it's really funny.

This poor babe is laying on the cold tiles, but has an enormous blanket to keep warm.

Miss Dino is modeling some baby clothes.

The smallest doggie in the world gets strapped down just in case of a rough ride. He spends a lot of time taking a bath in the sink.

Mr. Duck gets ready to chow down on some paper strips.

Peek-a-boo, baby Amanda. She is probably missing her clothes, but manages to stay warm.

Miss Dino and Mr. Duck share a meal together.
It's really fun to see her mothering instinct played out with random babies and animals. Joshua never ever did this, so it must be a girl thing....getting ready to care for her own babies down the road. She never sets up the same situation twice, and it doesn't usually last more than 20 minutes before she's rearranging them again.



mom said...

I love is so cute!

Anonymous said...


My baby does this too, although not with such dexterity, bearing in mind her age! When she wakes up in the morning she reaches down some soft toys from the chest by her cot and also gets some nappies. She lays down a nappy, puts a toy on top, wraps it up as best she can and then pats the toys comfortingly! Melts my heart when I catch her being so 'motherly' :)

Shannon said...

Oh I love it!! I get the fireman jumping form the table at my house of boys!

Marlene said...

Truly adorable!


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