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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lemonade and Corn

I love lemonade. It's like a sip of summer, even when there's snow on the ground.
I had this idea for a travel game to take on our trip last week. (15 hours hours out, then 3 +12 hours on the way back.) I didn't want the kids to watch 15 hours of DVDs, although they may not have minded.
We worked on collecting little things from around the house: plastic food, hair bows, little animals, Christmas ornaments that were still laying around. In total, about 25 small items were thrown into the container.

I could have used rice, but since I've got about 30 pounds of corn sitting in my basement, we used corn as the filler.

I super glued the lid on so we didn't have 500 pieces of corn thrown around our car. Then shake it up and look for different items. This was loosely based off a game we own, "Curious George:Dicovery Beach".
It was not very popular at all in the car. Probably because I made one corn jug, but have two kids.
This cost me nothing to make. (yeah!)
I did not have to leave my house with 3 kids to gather any supplies. (yeah!)
On a scale of fun-ness, it's only a 2 out of 10. (blah)
This will eventually end up in the trash, and I can only imagine what some poor waste management worker will think if they find corn and random crap superglued into a lemonade container.


crmeyer said...

I think it was a creative and valiant effort on your part!

mom said...

You definetly get a 10 for creative effort! You make me laugh!

Sara said...

Don't give up on this! The discovery beach game is pretty awesome.. I say there is potential here ;-)


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