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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Upcycle: shirt to scarf

I bought this shirt 5 years ago for my first pregnancy. I loved the color, but it was not flattering at any point in my first, second or third pregnancy. Right after I put it in the good will bag, I came across this great tutorial at Ruffles and Stuff.

I started chopping it up into 4 in squares. I felt a quick pang of "Oh dear...this is a perfectly lovely shirt that I'm destroying" But I reminded myself that it was free fabric and plowed ahead. I was left with a pile of scraps, a pile of squares and two ties that I saved for some unknown purpose. (why must maternity shirts have tiebacks?)

I overlapped the squares, then sewed down the middle to make a very long, skinny, ruffle-y scarf. I doubled up around my neck and got my 4 year old assistant to take a picture.

It's cute, but I've got too many little hands clawing at me all day to wear something like this. I'm sending it to a friend in hopes that it gives her a bright moment in a dreary week.



Ronda said...

Did you seriously just have a baby?! You look fantastic.
Great scarf too.

Sara said...

It's ADORABLE and I know that just being thought of by you will brighten her day never mind getting a new cute scarf

Shannon said...

It did brighten my day and make me feel all warm inside:) Im excited to wear it tomorrow night to my workshop... here is hoping Sara can get me dressed stylish enough to deserve it!! THANKS so much!! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Amy Jo, you look GREAT!!! I would never guess you have an infant at home! Congrats on getting into the pants! ~Erin


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