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Friday, February 12, 2010

Gracie Boo, we love you!

This is the face I gaze into every single day. Her little face just sqeezes my heart, and I just about burst on nights that she sleeps well!

We are in love with this little nugget. You'd think this was our first baby, the way we carry on about her. There is nothing better than having a baby in the house! I'd sign up to have a perpetual baby if I could....but this isn't my first time around. I know that she's going to grow and grow and grow and then start talking back and hitting her siblings. But for now I'm going to feed her, change her diapers and enjoy every sweet moment I have.

The kids and I love to say, "Gracie Poo, we love you!"

Hey, it rhymes. I'm trying to change it to BOO instead of Poo. We're potty training little Miss Kaylee right now and there's just too much talk about poo in our house now.


1 comment:

mom said...

Oh our little Gracie is precious. She is a darling!!!!


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