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Sunday, February 7, 2010


We were in dire need of some boo-boo bags at our house. The kids request them at least 5 times a day when they bump anything. I keep them in the freezer and both K and J can reach them. I had made one with corn and one with rice. The corn definitely holds the cold longer, but that one's been missing for a while.

I bought a 50 pound bag of corn feed from a Tractor Supply Company waaaaaay out in the country. It was $7. That's pretty cheap, but about 40 pounds more than I really needed. ha

Someone told me to "wash" the corn. The kids and I spent all day washing corn. They thought it was fun and I thought it was great that they weren't fighting. It was a win, win activity.

I've since read that the corn DOESN'T need to be washed, but freezing/ heating the corn will take care of any germs or "critters" living in the corn. That word "critters" gives me the hibbie-geebies.

I made some small boo-boo bags out of scraps of stained baby clothing that I held onto. This only re-enforces that I should continue to save every scrap.....

I made a corn bag to put in the microwave. I sewed the corn inside of a cloth diaper, then made a pretty cover that closes with Velcro. I microwaved it for 4 min and it was STEAMING. Ahhhhh. Love it.....
The best link on corn bags is from . It's a tad wordy, but full of information.


P said...

Wow! I love this idea... I do have stained baby clothing that I didn't know what to do with, and this is a great idea! This definitely beats those gel packs, I'm always afraid that one of the kids will chew on it and out goes the goo.. And I'm afraid to find out what's really in the goo.

I wonder if it'll also work in the oven as I don't own a microwave?

mom said...

Can you save me some corn??? I could use one for the microwave...
Still think its good you washed for the kids!

Anonymous said...

That's great! I do this activity with rice and a tube sock for my childbirth classes. I didn't know corn worked too! Good trick Amy Jo! ~Erin

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I've heard corn feed is the best, but I didn't know that it held cold too! I KNOW we've got to have to tractor supply stores here in Texas ;)


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