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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My fall garden is "thriving"

My garden this year was a joke. I got 6 green beans, 2 cucumbers and a really scary looking yellow thing. Now, IN NOVEMBER, my broccoli is sprouting. Hello! I planted the seeds in May. MAY! Do broccoli really have a 20 week growing time? Because I just "grew" a baby in 40 weeks which is a lot more impressive than this little bitty broccoli head.

I think this smashed up thing is a pumpkin. It never turned orange, and now some animal ate half of it. I planted a bunch of pumpkin seeds back in May and got just one small, green pumpkin.

This scrawny little mum waits every year to start blooming in November. I should throw it out and ends it's miserably short life span.

It's going to hit 30 degrees this week (overnight). Bye bye, you pathetic broccoli and mums.


Ronda said...

I'm laughing so hard over here!

Clover said...

at first i was like... awww... and then i laughed out loud when i saw the lil pumpkin with bites taken out... and THEN the mums took me back to aww...always a roller coaster with the garden!

mom said...

Me toooooo laughing so are a riot.

Marlene said...



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