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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dried out gourds

Every year I buy a few mini gourds and pumpkins. They are so cute. Did you know that if you hold onto them, they can be re-used? I read that last fall, and decided to save a few down in my basement and see what happened.

I had one nasty little turd that didn't fare too well. I threw it out.

The other two survived but look diseased. When I shake them, all the seeds rattle around inside. Cool! But they are discolored and ugly. Paint can cover a multitude of ugliness....Plus it was nice to have my own "project" to paint while the kids were playing with the craft paint.


1 comment:

Clover said...

they look great! Native Americans used dried gourds for all kinds of things... esp musical instruments- most were vibrantly painted too!


Made by Brian Trager