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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flower Power shirt

I got this plain T-shirt for $2 and knew it could be made cuter. I used a very badly stained t-shirt for the reverse applique of a flower. My first attempt at a flower center was a little wonky because it's hard to sew a circle on a sewing machine. I covered it up with a pink circle (cut from another paint stained tank top) and it's all better.
I got the directions from this website, and am in the middle of copying her idea of making turkey shirts. This flower was my practise round and I think the turkeys are going to be adorable!
When I showed Kaylee her new shirt, she said, "Oh, it's like a turtle!".
"A turtle?", I asked just to confirm what I heard. "Yes. A turtle."
I didn't have the heart to correct her. Turtle...flower. It doesn't really matter if I'm happy and she's happy, right?

Ah... it is so nice to be creative and make something again! The older two kids napped at the same time and Gracie was content in a sling. to put a heat pack on my back....totally worth it for some time at my sewing machine.


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