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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Husband Rocks

Have you heard of this website? She does a "My Husband Rocks" post every Friday and people can link up to share how their husband rocks. I've seen it from time to time and sorta rolled my eyes. Isn't that terrible? But marriage is work, and mine needs some help. I need reminders to look for the ways that my husband rocks, and not just ....ahem.... everything else.

One of the great and wonderful mysteries of life is that loving each other in action--what we do and say--produces romance. Everything in our culture today teaches the opposite, that romance turns into love, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Love is a choice and we decide how we're going to treat each other in the good and in the not-so-good times. Strong, loving, thriving relationship can be built, simply by changing how we interact with our spouse.

Accept the fact that your spouse isn't perfect and then start taking notice of all the good things they bring to the table!

Pretty soon you can train your mind to be grateful for who they are as opposed to feeling disappointed about who they are not.

When you allow yourself to believe that your spouse rocks, you will free yourself from the downward spiral and temptation of self-pity, disappointment, and even despair. The fact is, your spouse is probably a greater blessing than you allow yourself to lay down your expectations and praise your spouse for his/her attributes. After all, the key is to change yourself! And you'll be surprised at the positive affect it has on the one you choose to love...and you!

(Source Union 28)

Are you still with me? I know this isn't my usual type of post, but here's my little story about my husband:

This week, my husband has ROCKED as a peace maker with my cranky old neighbor. His patience with the complaints and criticism spewing out of this man's mouth is nothing but impressive. It might help that Brian is hard of hearing and can't understand every single word of venom spilling out of the guy's mouth. (The neighbor thinks one of our fence posts may be 1/4 inch over onto his property. He called the town code inspector who dismissed it as a petty complaint.) The neighbor then threatened to call his lawyer, but decided against it.

Great decision, right? I really didn't want to be sued over a 1/4 of an inch. Of course I can't get past what a jerk he is, BUT, my husband shook his hand, thanked him profusely, and apologized (3 days in a row) that there was an issue to begin with.

I am so impressed that Brian was able to diffuse the situation on his own. I was no help at all with my snarky comments and mean looks. I actually had to go in the house before I did something really naughty that got us sued. Brian told me that he was trying to listen first, talk second and do the right thing. He quoted some Bible verse too.

Yup. He did the right thing.



Ronda said...

You know what...Brian sounds a lot like D.R.
I would be the one to totally lose my patience and start yelling. He is usually the one keeping his cool and talking things through. He might tell me behind closed doors that the neighbor is a real jerk, but to his face he would try to keep a cool head.
Yay from Brian, and Yay for you too for recognizing how your husband ROCKS!

mom said...

Yeah Brian!!!!

Kristin said...

This is such a great idea! I actually do think my husband rocks most of the time, even though I don't always tell him that. I should surprise him with a post like this sometime. Thanks for the idea, Amy Jo, and great job, Brian, on being so much more level-headed than the rest of us would be!


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