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Thursday, April 30, 2009

knitting/ crochet hook roll

One of my friends from work wanted to make this knitting needle tutorial. She's new to sewing and thought I could help her navigate through the pattern. Ha! Anything that needs to be measured 17 and 7/8 inches doesn't stand a chance. We ended up making quite a few "adjustments" to the tutorial, and mine came out a little funky in a few places.

I used part of an old favorite pink sweater for the backing. It had a tea stain on the front but I've been saving the sweater, since I KNEW it could be used for something great.

There are about 25 extra pockets that I'm not even using. And I doubt I will ever fill up, since I'd rather be hot gluing something than sitting for hours on my butt trying to turn string into something beautiful.


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