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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paris, Las Vegas



This is the reason I’m out in Las Vegas.  Brian’s department sent him to a conference in the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas.  They paid for his hotel, flight, registration fees and food.  I tagged along for the ride, with the intention of staying in my hotel room reading, eating chocolates, blogging and painting my toe nails.   It’s a dream come true, except every day Joshua asks me, “Mommy, when are you coming back to my house?  I miss you. Why won’t you come back?”   I must have been crazy to think I could be away from them for a whole week. Kaylee doesn’t seem to mind that I’m away, thank God.


This hotel is amazing!  I’m basically a Holiday Inn type of girl (free continental breakfast, oh yeah!) , so I’m blown away by the decorating details.  Totally blown away.  I’ve been wanting to spruce up my very boring bedroom, but didn’t know where to start.   I think I’ve got some fancy pants ideas now!  Check these out:



There are two walls dressed up like this.  4 layers! 4!  The room darkener shade, then the gauzy white sheers, the brown silk then the red silk.  Although they take up the entire wall, the actual window is just in the middle of the wall.  It tricks the eye into thinking it’s a wall full of windows.  Brilliant.


This is the king bed.  Oh how I wish I had negotiated harder for a King bed at home instead of the queen.   This bed has a grandiose headboard.  Not quite my style, but I do like how to demands attention.  Two huge brown pillows that I’m totally going to make for my bed at home.  See that red “blanket” across the end of the bed?  It’s not a blanket, but more like a scarf for the bed.  Isn’t that hilarious?  That adds a big punch, but it totally non functional.  I could do that!  Can you see the ceiling?  They have a border out of molding and painted a light tan around the border.  Love that idea.  I’ve got to show that to Brian while we are here, otherwise he’d never ever let me paint a border on the ceiling.


This is the registration desk.  10 enormous chandeliers that would kill someone if they fell.


Look at the crown molding everywhere.  I’m not much for gold, but if they were painted white, it wouldn’t stand out as much.  I gotta get some of that.


This is the elevator and I really love riding in it because there is so much detail to drool over.


The elevator ceiling.


A wall somewhere in the hotel that filled up a big empty space with a rectangular shape molding and wall paper in the middle.  It makes such an impact, and I think it looks like a reasonable project.


Here’s the outside of my hotel, for Joshua to look at.   He’s starting to call Las Vegas “Mommy’s city”.   I’m sure he won’t care about the details, but now he can look on line and see where I’m at.    I’m coming home buddy! I promise!



Colleen said...

I have to tell you when we were over at your house on Saturday visiting, Joshua said I miss my Mommy because she is my best friend. had to be the cutest thing I ever heard...I then told Brad that we have to have a little boy because Olivia only has eyes for Daddy, and I am sure Isabelle will also be Daddy's little girl. he he.

Julie said...

I miss you Amy Jo! Your posts always make me smile. Your comment on the chandeliers made me laugh, I'm glad you're enjoying your time away and getting some good decorating tips - how nice of you to share with all of us!

Kristin said...

Good for you for getting a chance to get away. I take it the children are not home alone. :) We don't really have anyone to watch our boys for that long. I also have never been to Vegas, so I loved the pics. Hope you had a great time!

Marlene said...

Amy Jo,

Wow! You are BRAVE to leave your kids for a week. I can't stomach it yet, but it will come someday. Was it your first time? Can I ask who you trusted to watch your babies?

I am going to show Timmy the picture of the chandeliers because we just started reading Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, who has a chandelier on the ceiling (actually floor) of her upside-down house. He didn't know what it was.

Love you guys!

I'm Just Me said...

Wow! So beautiful there!!! I'm glad you had a great time away! Spending time just the two of you is so important to keeping the whole family happy :-)


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