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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I’m currently 2,000 miles away from home.  Away from my kids, away from my refrigerator with ice dispenser in the door.  Do you know how expensive water is when you are traveling?   I bought a case of water bottles from CVS and have been drinking warm water all week.   I miss that ice dispenser.


We saw the Grand Canyon on Saturday which is quite GRAND.   We looked at a 1 million miles of canyons in 30 degree weather.   WHY oh WHY is it 30 degrees in Arizona?   Isn’t this the state that hits 130 degrees in the summer time?    It was a full 100 degrees colder last Saturday.   I suppose it may have been because we were 7,000 feet up in the air, in the most Northern part of the state in the month March, but I was very surprised.  VERY.  This Yankee girl didn’t have gloves, scarf or a winter jacket.




At dusk, as it got even colder, the elk made an appearance.   Dozens of them came out of the woods and it was hilarious to see the tourists going nuts taking photos and videos of them.  As though the elk were the icing on the cake of the Grand Canyon.  (I admit I took a couple videos, but it’s to show my kids!  They’ve never seen elk before, so there’s my justification)

We drove through miles of these mountain rocks.  While it’s  fascinating scenery, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it beautiful.  I need some greenery before I am really awed.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the pilgrims and gold diggers who traveled through these mountains without cars or paved roads.   Amazing stamina, they must have had to make it past all those boulders. 



Brian surprised me by driving down to Sedona, Arizona instead of Las Vegas on Sunday morning.  I was pretty excited! Check out this red rock:

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Sedona reached out and grabbed me.   Standing close to the majestic reds, touching the rough surface and holding red rock in my hands was amazing.  The Grand Canyon was amazing of course, but in a far off and enormous way.  Sedona’s beauty was right in my face.  Someday I’ll go back and spend more than 2 hours looking at it’s beauty.


Now, a few days in Las Vegas.   Ummm.  I’m not sure I like sin city.  It’s overwhelming.



Beth at Aunties said...

Go watch the fountains go off at the Belagio. They are amazing and perfectly timed to music. My favorite thing to do on Vegas. Their beautiful displays inside is in an a non smoking area.
We stay in vegas out in Henderson away from the glitz/sinful parts of the city. Just shut your eyes when a cab drives by!:)
We also drove through much of the same red rock country side coming home form Colorado this past weekekend. I too need the greenry to make me awe. Pretty barren! I wish I could give you a coat and gloves! This next weekend should be back warm....

Ronda said...

Hey, what's this all about? Who is with the kids? Good for you for getting away. Enjoy yourself!

Kelly said...

Wow, lucky you to get away from the kids and have some lone time with your hubby.. Enjoy it!! Trust me. I have not had a lone time vacation with my husband for 5 years now. It really bothers me a great deal, oh well.

As for LV, I LOVE it there. There are so much to do other than gamble. I don't gamble myself. But the shops are awesome and the shows are superb! You just have to find what fits your taste and needs. Not to mention, buffets!

The only thing that bugs me are when the parents have a lot of nerve to bring kids into casinos. And the security has to deal with that by telling them that they can not bring the kids on the floor.

Have fun!! Really!! Oh, go to the Ceasars Hotel... trump owns that one. Awesome and shops are really out of the world but wayyyyy to much $$

Again, please enjoy yourselfs! :)
Kelly xo

Kristin said...

Very cool pics, Amy Jo! I have wanted to go to the Grand Canyon since The Brady Bunch went there. :)


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