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Monday, October 6, 2008

I saved some money!

I am excited about two things: Sherwin Williams and

Sherwin Williams sells "sample" paints in a quart size for $5. Did you know that? I totally found that out on accident... I bought WILLOW TREE paint for the guest room (because I loved the color at my MIL's house and she told me the name which reduced the time it took me to pick out a color by 100%) I used every single drop in the gallon to paint the room, but then Brian made two huge black scratches when he moved the furniture back in. I called and asked for the smallest size paint available, which was a quart. I was annoyed, until I picked it up and found out it's only $5! This might totally change the way I paint furniture and other things.

Reader's Digest had a whole article about how to save money in the last magazine. The one that caught my attention was, which gives discount codes for a zillion on line stores. You know how when you check out there's always a box for a promotional code? Here's where you find the code! I tried it out a few days ago when I ordered new checks. At the last minute, I remembered to check that site and I saved $6 and they threw in some free address labels. Not bad for something I had to purchase anyway!



Kelly said...

Hi Amy Jo:

I discoverd the same way like you with those sample paint. I bought one to make sure that I liked the color for my boy's room and it was well worth 5 bucks spent!

From now on, I plan to do that first before I make a decision and I can always use the left overs for other projects. A win-win for me and the paint! :)

Joybells said...

OMG you got to work??? I've tried REPEATEDLY to get those codes to work for me. NADA! I'll have to try it a few more times. I read the same article. How cool if the codes do work!


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