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Sunday, October 5, 2008

There are no ugly women, only poor ones...

In honor of my MIL's visit this weekend here's something that she sent to me on e-mail.

This photo was taken at a competition in June 2006. The competition was
between 9 women for best makeover. They had every possible beauty treatment
available to them over a period of 12 hours before the contest.

Look at the before and after photos. Conclusion - there are no ugly women
only poor women....
(The woman 2nd from the left won the contest.)

I have mixed feelings about this and think it is fascinating.



Anonymous said...

Interesting...only over 12 hours though? The one smack dab in the middle looks fairly flat chested in her before picture and oh so ample in the after....more that a push up could ever do...hmmmm

bloggin' Chrystal said...

Just goes to show what a little (or a lot) money can do! ...and to think some people try to make themselves look like the stars. Wow...Thanks for sharing this. I feel so beautiful right now.

I'm Just Me said...

I know these women had lots of treatments done, but something simple I see is a reminder to wear my hair down..often.. only two of those women had their hair down in the "Before" photo and they all had it down in the "After". A quick pulled back pony tail makes big difference.

Anonymous said...

That is UN-believable. Thanks for sharing!

Well, imagine 12 solid hours focused on making oneself beautiful on the inside? Do I do that every week? I wonder what "treatments" would count for that?

Kelly said...

Whoa... those pixtures really speaks volume, if you ask me.

I would love to do that at least once to see what I would look like in those outfit and makeup.

I rarely dress up, I am always on the go once my boy wakes up.

Thanks for sharing, it's a real eye opener for me.

Kristin said...

Okay, I am semi-embarrassed to admit this, but I watch (or at least TiVo) practically every reality show known to man. And this pic you have is from a show called "The Swan" which was like the original Extreme Makeover but with a pageant at the end. Two women applicants were accepted to be on each show, and then they went through 6-8 weeks of rigorous dieting and exercise, plastic surgeries, and hair extensions. They were not allowed to see a mirror the entire time! Some tried to sneak mirror in, and they were promptly excused from the show. At the end of each episode, a panel of judges (their doctors, trainers, and life coaches) decided which one of the two women won that episode and she would go on to compete in the pageant. They finally revealed their new looks in a huge mirror to them at the end and let them see their families and their reactions. It was always quite the dramatic conclusion. At the finale, the women who won each episode competed to be THE Swan and she won a bunch of prizes. The one who ended up winning everything was actually the redhead (third from the right) named Rachel Love-Fraser. That's probably more than you ever wanted to know, but I just thought I'd spread my sad reality wisdom. :)


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