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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apple crafts

I saw an idea somewhere about painting the edges of an apple to make a "stamp" on a card. It totally doesn't work. But Joshua had fun stamping and making wierd shapes on his birthday thank you cards.

It felt really wierd to put paint on a piece of food.

I love any activity that can keep Joshua entertained more than 2 minutes and doesn't require a TV.



Ronda said...

AJ, if you cut the apple the other way, it creates the shape of a star in the center where the seeds are. We just did this at the festival over the weekend. It's very messy but fun.

Amy Jo said...

I did cut one apple the other way to see that star. It was so cool! But as a stamp, it just made a round blob.

Anonymous said...

We did this last week, too! I tried to carve out a design in the apple after the plain apple stamping... did not go well. Lucia loved it, though!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

i saw the picture before i read what you wrote and was like OMG where did she find an apple with skin that thick? LOL!


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