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Monday, September 29, 2008

Serta and the environment

Brian and I happily shared a full size bed for 7 years, but I recently became very irritable about sharing a bed. Maybe it's the "7 year itch" , or the fact that my gorgeous baby girl doesn't need much sleep. Regardless of the reason, I couldn't stop thinking about a new bed and I talked about it to everyone who seemed interested. Brian wasn't all that interested, although he was my main audience.

Apparently, I wore him down. We bought a QUEEN size bed and have been sleeping on it for a week. I was originally rooting for a KING, but he was resistant to that size for some reason. I quickly decided that a queen would be an easier sell and put my energy there. I know it's only 7 inches wider, but it feels like 17. I am very, very happy.

I was really quite impressed when I read the info on the Sealy pillow.

* Stain release during washing for superior protection
*300 thread count
*Hypoallergenic EcoFil contains fiber made from recycled water bottles which reduces landfill waste by reusing plastic
*Biodegradable Packaging begins to break down in the landfill in as little as 3 months

My head is resting on recycled water bottles! That's awesome! Now go back and re-read that last bullet........ did you do it? What does that mean? My first impression was that the plastic packaging covering the pillows will break down in 3 months. If I'm right, that's super awesome and why doesn't everyone make plastic like that? That almost sounds too good to be true....



dana said...

I can't believe you've been sharing a Full size! Amazing. We've been doing a Queen for 4 years and I'm always pushing for a King (mostly just when I'm pregnant though :) )
Congrats on the new space!

I'm Just Me said...

Congrats on your new bed!!! You totally deserve it- Queen that you are!!

Too cool about that pillow... I have been getting all heeby-jebbyed about plastics lately with new reports about #3 & #7... woo hoo for you! Way to be green!!

Brian Trager said...

You did wear me down honey, but that's all right. I like the bed now! :)


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