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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kaylee's One! (and two months)

Just in case you're worried that I'm neglecting my baby while working on projects, here's a few photos of Kaylee. (she naps alot....seriously!) I've been meaning to get a good pose for her one year portrait. Um... she's now 14 months. Shhhh... Promise you won't tell her. I certainly won't admit it in her baby album.

I think the first picture is what I'll enlarge for her Grandmas and her baby album.

I simply adore that shirt and her little hair bow.

It's much easier to photograph a piece of furniture than a busy little girl.



dana said...

She's absolutely adorable. And yes, that shirt is super cute.
Nothings wrong with pretending that 14 months is 12 months :)
I've done it too!

Melissa said...

she's a beautiful little girl. But you knew that :-D

If you ever need a photographer, let me know. I love photography. Especially photographing little ones!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy Jo these are sweet...i guess i like odds today...1,3&5 are my favorites. The shirt is great i love least you have not tried to spray paint the kiddies yet...have you?!?!?

Ronda said...

What a doll baby! I like the first one and the last one. That sweet innocent face, I could just squeeze her!

Beth at Aunties said...

Both of your kids are adorable! She is so beautiful and he is so handsome, even his McCain hairstyle!
Your ahve an awesome family and I am sorry I haven't commented much because I really enjoy your blog!

Joybells said...

She is beautiful! The most perfect mix of you and Brian.


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