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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Painting = Cranky mommy

If I'm cranky today, it's all because of this:

Now that I've started, I can't just leave it looking like that. It makes me giggle a little to actually consider doing that. Oh, it's a hideous mess. I'm the worst painter in the world. Don't ever ask me to help paint because I'll probably agree to help. I'm a "yes" girl. And then I'll leave drips all over your floor and wiggly lines near the ceiling. I'll have paint on every single one of my fingers.

A few months ago, my girlfriend painted her living room with cathedral ceilings. She doesn't have kids, and she used her vacation week to paint. Huh? I couldn't understand why she didn't hire out and go to work for like 6 hours to pay for it. Then she'd have 4 vacation days and the room would be all done! We work at the same place where we are paid per hour. I know EXACTLY how much my time is worth, however my skills at painting aren't even worth minimum wage $6.55. (does that seem horribly low to anyone else?) I vowed to hire out when I got around to painting my second floor.

So what in the world am I doing painting the bathroom? Honestly. Am I really that frugal? I didn't even call to get an estimate from a painter. Is this a sickness? Will my need to save money and do things myself ever go away?

It's just a tiny bathroom, but I didn't realize how many little tiny spaces and trim work. I've spend considerably more time cleaning up my messes than actually putting paint on the walls. So far, 2 precious nap times have been devoted to this. I imagine many more will get sucked up into this project. All I really want to do is make the fantastically cute curtain for the bathroom window. That's where the real fun is....

What about you? Do you hire out for painting? Do you paint yourself to save money, or because you enjoy it? I'll hem some pants for you if you'll come finish my bathroom!



dana said...

haha. funny post.
I actually enjoy painting and only because I found this FABULOUS little edging tool so I don't tape anything off. If you haven't finished up yet, you need to get one. It's made by Rubbermaid and costs maybe $2. You can find it in Walmart, HomeDepot, etc. It's a small plastic blue rectangle with little pad brushes that attach. You dip the pad in the paint and then you can edge the ceiling, around windows and doors, etc. without having to mess with taping things off. Ugh, I hate that stuff.
You're right, sometimes the smaller rooms are the most annoying of all b/c there are so many small crevices.

On another note...I swear you're posting about a new project everyday. Are you sure you have 2 little kids at home AND you work too?? You must not sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

We....well I should say my hubby paints because he would have it no other way....we do not hire out for what we can do. We moved in 8 years ago and painted every room, ceiling and all trim. Then over this past year we decided to repaint as we have changed our decorating husband is a really good painter and he likes doing it until about the 3rd or 4th room. We have a tiny bathroom...our only one and I painted it the first time around and I must say they are harder to paint than a larger room. All those nooks and crannies are a real pain! Good luck and you may be crafty and I may admire a lot of your work...but if you leave your bathroom like this you might lose a little in my eyes :)

Kelly said...

I LOVE to paint but HATE to prep the room. I have painted all of the rooms in our house but the dining room (DH did that room).
Right now, I am *trying* to prep my oldest son's room to be painted and it is a pain in the you know where! I am converting that room into my youngest son's room after I am done with that room, I have to prime and paint my baby's room which will be converted into a guest room. (baby's room was sponged on and off kind of paint and it was work but it came out well)
Oh the small bathrooms in our house was the hardest! The 1/2 bathroom took me 2 weeks to paint.
The full bathroom which is not very big either took me a week and half, had to climb over the tub like a monkey to paint. Ugh!
I would be more than happy to paint your bathroom for you as long as you prep it ready for me to go! :) Hang in there, it will be all done before you know it and you will be proud of your work!!

Kelly --


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