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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why are TV commercials so stinkin loud?

Unfortunately, I'm very sensitive to sound. I wish it wasn't so. A deaf husband means that sometimes things are a tad loud, like the TV. I can't stand TV commercials for a bunch of reasons. Not only are they infiltrating my subconscious with ideas of things that I need to buy to be happy and satisfied in life, but the volume is crazy loud. Remote muting duty is a very serious assignment and I'm pleased that Brian is incredibly accurate.

I just saw an article in Reader's Digest on this topic and found myself agreeing and shaking my head in disgust while reading it. Here's what I found out: The FCC doesn't make any regulatory distinctions between the sound levels of commercials and the sound levels of programs. Basically, an entire commercial can be broadcast at the same level as a loud explosion on 24. Obviously, companies want to get our attention and a high audio level is one way to reach their consumers. We don't watch much TV at our house, and almost no live TV so they aren't reaching us!

There is something called the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act in Congress right now that addresses excessive noise in commercials. Like that's a real priority in Congress. Who knows....I'd be happy to see some "MITIGATION".

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Kristin said...

You and I are definitely on the same page with this post! That is one of my biggest gripes about TV. We bought a TV a few years ago that advertised that it had a feature called "Smart Sound" I believe. It brings the commercials back to the level of the program. However, I have to admit that I rarely see commercials because I rarely watch TV in real time. I record everything on our TiVo and then watch it when time allows. Needless to say, I am still getting through last season's Lost and Desperate Housewives episodes, but at least they are there when I finally can get around to them (and I can fast forward through all those loud people yelling at me to buy a Chevy at my local dealership). :)


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