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Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

HOME SWEET (messy, dirty) HOME

We traveled last week to visit family in Indiana and Wisconsin. (Yes, I'm a blogging dork who scheduled things to post while I was gone.) I hardly touched a computer the whole week, but I did get quite a fill of HGTV at my mother in law's house. Oh boy! I am just itchin to get painting and spray painting and decorating, but I spent my first day home cleaning and unpacking. And draining water out of our pond. You'll hear and see pictures about this grand adventure and massive project soon. Fortunately, I am NOT the designer or main undertaker of this plan; I am only around for moral support and dumping buckets of water.

1,575 Miles traveled
28 hours Time spent in car
25 Average miles per gallon
63 Gallons of gas
11 Number of relatives we saw
15 Number of times I asked, "Are we almost there?"
14 Hours traveled in the car on the last day.
2 Boxes of Teddy Grahams I doled out
5 Signing Time DVD's the kids watched
1 Blanket binding sewed. It took one hour and I wished I had 15 more to pass the time.
9.25 My highest score on the trampoline event of Wii Olympics
1 million Number of corn stalks we saw growing in fields
4 Number of corn on the cob that I ate



Melissa said...

I will do that if i ever go anywhere on vacation! LOL

Ronda said...

We are doing that drive next week. Not easy with 2 kids, is it?


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