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Saturday, August 9, 2008


Occasionally, Kaylee is mistaken for a boy. I try to dress her in pink and purple, but sometimes people just don't think before they speak. She looks so *girly* wearing a hair bow! I love it! I have been on a quest to find something that is cute and easy to put in her hair. I knew exactly what I was looking for, but couldn't find it in the stores around here.

I hit the mother load last weekend.

At Park Ave Festival, I bought these bows from a vendor. $10 for all of them. The entire clasp is covered in ribbon, so they stay in her wispy hair, and when she pulls them out they don't hurt or pull her hair. They are perfect!

Then I got home and Kaylee had a birthday present from her cousins in Missouri. They are the exact same design! Same barrette! I was thrilled!
Now Kaylee has a barrette to match any outfit. She thinks it's hysterical to pull them out....I'm working on that.

If that vendor lady at the festival can make cute bows, so can I! I found a tutorial on line, and bought the base "alligator clips" from Sally's Beauty Supplies. Anyone want to learn how to make some cute bows with me?



Anonymous said...

She is adorable! I also love the huge floppy bow in the tutorial. My sister-in-law makes the kind on the right in the Park Ave picture. She even puts small bits of velcro on the inside to make them stay put a little better, without ouchies, on fine hair. Cute stuff! Sadly, I think we're months away from barrettes for Maribel!

Kristin said...

Oh...I am sooo jealous! I should have put bows in my boys' hair before they got old enough to notice. :)

E and T said...

I can't see how anyone could mistake your beautiful daughter for a boy.

It isn't easy to find bows / clips to stay in fine toddler hair, but it looks as though you have found just the thing and they are very cute.



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