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Friday, August 1, 2008

Fabric scraps

Can you tell what this is? A little pile of girly fabric scraps....

I sewed this up real quick as a party decoration for KK's party. I got the idea from a Pottery Barn catalogue a while back and it's been sitting in my "idea notebook" for at least a year. I'm sure they did a quality job on theirs, (seeing as they are POTTERY BARN)but I just left the edges all ragged and sewed them up along a length of ribbon. I may even make one that could be a more permanent decoration during the summer months. And I might make a couple for Joshua's bedroom curtains in blue jeans and other blue fabric scraps I've got hanging around.

Here's a link to someone who did a better job than me on her pretty garland.



Lisa said...

Beautiful! I'm always amazed by you!

I just got your note and should have come straight to you on how to keep up with my scrapbook stuff. You should start your own show. You would be so much better than Martha.

After 3 kids, I have discovered that you can just make up any date you want for their "firsts". How will anyone ever know? I think with my first child everything was documented to the minute.

Do you print your blog anywhere or just hope for the best? Someone mentioned having it printed through someone and I don't know if I would do that - interested though.

dana said...

Excellent idea! I love it! the after picture was not was I was expecting to come from the scraps. I'll be trying this one day. Thanks for the idea Mrs. Pottery Barn.
Hey, what did you use to sew them all together? One long strip of fabric? Or did you just sew the triangles to themselves in one long strip? I feel like that wouldn't be strong enough.

Also, the person above mentions printing your blog into a blog book. My sister-in-law has done that. She used and it turned out GREAT. I'll be doing that too (once I get around to with my 100 other projects :) )

dana said...

sorry, the blog book site is: (not

ookamama said...

so very crafty you are,, and I love how Brian likes to peek in and be in your pics =) See you in a few weeks!!!

Melissa said...

That is such a wonderful idea!! I LOVE IT!!!

arleen oliver, Creator said...

i so love the way this turned out amy jo. i love lavender fabric.


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