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Monday, July 28, 2008

Good ideas notebook

I love magazines. The articles are short, pictures are great, they don't require much of an attention span. They are cheap, they are recyclable....really, what's not to love? Since I'm "anti clutter" and "pro recycling", I get rid of magazines as soon as I'm done with them. Instead of keeping a magazine for one or two pages that I like, I yank out the page and pile them up in my nightstand. When the pile starts to get out of control, I go through it, cut off the raw edges with my paper cutter and tape them into a notebook. Sometimes I can't remember why I pulled a page out. But most of the time I think, "Oh! That is really cool! I could do that! I like those colors! or whatever."
This notebook is full of my favorite things: special recipes, craft ideas, birthday ideas, quilts, paint colors, ect. It's so fun to look a magazine made specifically for me! Now I just need a good way to keep track of all the fabulous ideas I find on line. Anyone have a good system for that?



Aunt Cathy said...

Hey Amy, can you scan the pages and then keep them in files on your computer under different folders (ie. recipes, craft ideas, etc.?)

Kristin said... are so organized! I pull the pages out and then I don't remember wher I put them. I need a professional organizer! One of my teacher friends became one when she left teaching, but her classroom was notorious for being messy, so I don't think I would hire her. If you ever beigin that business, let me know! :)

(And your Aunt's suggestion was also great!)

I'm Just Me said...

What about saving the links as "favorites" on your computer?


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