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Friday, July 25, 2008

Kaylee's one year old

The little princess is turning one today! Hard to believe she was so tiny. I tried to recreate the sleeping-with-a-flower photo, but she woke up. (She's a light sleeper like her mommy.) This photo is the best I could do. We had bunches of friends over throughout the day to give her birthday kisses and celebrate her life.
I made an ice cream cake, thinking that would be lovely for a summer evening party. I didn't even consider that one year olds don't use utensils. She was trying to eat it with her hands, but ended up crying and frustrated that it was so cold. When I took it away she screamed at that too, since it was a pretty yummy cake and she wanted some SUGAR!


Anonymous said...

AWWW it is dutch tradition to congratulate you on a loved ones birthday ,something that seemed so strange to me at first but over the years I have become accustomed to...So "Congratulations on your daughters birthday"! Time flies by I still wish for more babies..then I turn around and want to strangle the ones I have(just kidding of course..not really :) and that mushy baby want retreats back to the dark place...until I hold another babe!

E and T said...

Happy first birthday Kaylee. What a special day for your family and your gorgeous girl. I hope it has been a truly memorable day.


Kristin said...

Oh my word! That baby pic is definitely one of the most precious photos I have seen. Happy birthday cutie pie! (BTW...Do you get as choked up as I do singing "happy birthday" to your kids? I am a sap, I know...)


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