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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Loads of Flowers

I love daisys. They were the main flowers used at my wedding. They are sosimple and pure. They also grow like a weed, which is possibly the reason I likethem so much. I planted 5 little clumps of daisys at my old house and within 3years, there were thousands of daisys in the front of my house.

Every year Brian would say, "Are yougoing to do something about those daisys? Something needs to be done." And Iwould say, "NOPE! I love them! For 3 weeks out of the year, I had daisys inevery room of my house. I miss those daisys, and wish I dug up a few hundred totake to my new flower-less house.

I'm starting small with these yellowblack eyed Susans and Irish Susans (with yellow centers), but hope to somedayhave overflowing flower beds. I want them to get so out of control that Brianwill say, "Are you going to do something about those flowers?"



mom said...

Oh yes! overflowering gardens is the best. I am having a difficult time with so much shade, it keeps the house cool, but very boring gardens.

Ronda said...

They are also my favorite flower. I loved the ones at your old house so much that I planted some of my own here at our new house. I think I may have to move them around when they get big and bushy!
BTW, my mom now reads your blog!


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