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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chair Makeover

We've had this sad little chair for YEARS. It belonged to Brian's roommate a loooong time ago. It sat around our garage for a while, then in the basement for a while. Eventually we realized it was the perfect size for the booster seat at our dining room table. The black fake leather stuff could be wiped down every time some food got on it, but it was pretty nasty and old. After reading about some furniture make overs over at Kimba's blog, I decided to beautify this chair.

I unscrewed the bottom of the seat, and managed to get that top portion off too. That wasn't easy. I spray painted the frame silver, because even though you can't tell in the first photo, it was seriously scratched up and old looking.


I bought this great blue fabric a month ago, planning to recover my dining room chairs with it. It's indoor/ outdoor fabric, so I'm hoping it will hold up better than the lovely cream colored fabric that came with the chairs. Obviously, that was a "pre-kids" purchase. Honestly, who thinks about the damaging effects of jelly and grape juice before you have a toddler?

I covered the new fabric with iron on vinyl from Joann's so it can be wiped down easily. There was a vast amount of hot glue gun used in this project. I wouldn't say it's fantastic, but it's a huge improvement, so I'm happy!



Lisa said...

You are so clever. Good job! I am just imagining all the little projects around my house that I need you for...

Kimba said...

Great job! Those are my favorite kind of projects. The ones where I already had the piece and finally figured out how to fix it up. It looks really nice. Practical too!

I need to check out that iron-on vinyl stuff. You're the second person I've seen post about it.


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