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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bed poll results

After my post about the marriage bed, I was curious to see what size bed people are sleeping in these days and if they liked that size. A whopping 16 people participated! For real, I'm excited by that number. Here's the question I asked:

I sleep in a :
Twin: 12%
Full: 12%
Queen: 62%
King: 12%

My bed size is:
Just right! 57%
Too small! 35%
Too big! 7%

I was expecting to see more people with a KING bed, but only 2 lucky people have one. A queen bed seems to be the most popular, and most people think their bed is just right. hmmmm. Interesting, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Hi AmyJo! I love your blog-it is so real. We have a queen bed and let me tell u it was a huge improvement over the full size. A couple of inches makes a difference. Also, King sized bedding gets really pricey!


Heidi said...

I didn't respond to your poll so I thought I'd add my 2 cents. I love having a queen, but I like snuggling on occasion or warming up my freezing cold toes on someone else.... A full would be toooo small because there are definitely times I need my own space. When we had babies or little kids in our beds more often, a king sure would have been nice. If I needed my own space more of the time or had kids in bed on a regular basis (and money, and room space...) I'd go with a king or two full sized beds. As it is, I'm perfectly satisfied with a queen!


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