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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Candy Land

Is there a person who has never played Candy Land? Maybe my new friend Lual, who is one of the "Lost Boys" from Sudan. But that's a whole other post waiting to happen.

I found this sweet, vintage game at the Good Will store for $.99. Aren't the colors great? It is in mint condition, and was printed in 1955. That's over 50 years! I know it won't be in mint condition much longer, so before I let the kids at it, I checked ebay. I was hoping that I had found a vintage treasure worth a hundred dollars. Well, ebay has 7 of them listed at $.99. So much for my get rich scheme. I handed the game over to Joshua, and he's been playing it ever since. He ropes visitors into playing with him. I've already played it more times than I'd like. I remember it as an exciting and fun game. In case you've got similar memories of this game, let me reassure you that it really is NOT all that fun to play.

But I keep playing it since I want Joshua to have those same misleading, ahem... I mean wonderful, game playing memories.



Carole said...

I can't stand Candy Land. Or Shoots and Ladders. :) What a horrible mother, right?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I was just going to say how much I hate Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders and Carole has already done it! Too funny. Those games are pure torture for any adult. ~Erin

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Ditto. I do like Cranium's Balloon Lagoon! I think it could even be adapted for Joshua's age.


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