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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Marriage Bed

This lovely Desi and Lucy *retro* decorated room is a steal at just $55/ night. Stay 5 nights, you get the next 2 free. What a deal, and it's only a couple hours drive from home. (Isn't that what I said about Toronto too?)

I think about beds, particularly SHARING a bed from time to time. Why do married couples share a bed? I once mused upon this out loud with a girlfriend. She told me that it makes intimacy more accessible, or something to that affect. She was a newlywed at the time. Go figure. But here's the thing: my bed is used primary for sleeping. Sleep is such a rare and unusual treat at this time in my life that snoring, hugging, tossing or turning that isn't done by me, is really annoying.

I'm not against having my own bedroom, just like Oprah and her boyfriend. I think that would be awesome! Only my dirty clothes would litter the floor. But really, I'd like to share a master bedroom with my hubby, but have my own twin bed. Just like Desi and Lucy. I'd love to see some master bedrooms in Homerama displaying gorgeous "his" and "her" twin beds. Do you think that would catch on? Are there other people like me who just want to sleep when the opportunity presents itself?

I'm regularly planting seeds of *KING SIZED BED* *KING SIZED BED*. Brian has suggested a queen size but it's only an extra 6 inches over what we have now. Really, how much good is that going to do? My hand is about 6 inches wide. Here are the facts:

Twin Mattress
39" wide x 75" long
Full Mattress
54" wide x 75" long
Queen Mattress
60" wide x 80" long
King Mattress
76" wide x 80" long

One month before our wedding, Brian's parents brought up his old bed frame. It was for a full size bed and we had a very small apartment. We didn't even consider rejecting it, although it is not something I'd ever pick out. We were in love and we were poor; just about everything was hand-me-down furniture. We bought a new mattress and that was a big purchase! I can remember clear as day...I made the bed with sheets and a blanket and then laid down on it all by myself. And I thought, HOW IN THE WORLD are we both going to fit on here?

We've fit for 7 years, but now Joshua likes to sneak in and snuggle in the mornings, or Kaylee just WON'T STOP CRYING at night and ends up in our bed for a while . It's those times that bed feels every inch of it's 54" width. I can only imagine what I'd do with an extra 22 inches. Ahhhh...I'd feel like a QUEEN...I mean a KING.

What's your bed situation? Got any Bible verses or historical proof that married people must share a bed? Did people really sleep in twin beds back in Lucy's day, or was that strictly due to TV regulations? Am I the only one out there who'd like to revert back to a twin bed and sleep alone? I might even be happy with a king bed and some pillows to mark my territory...

Check out this article if you want to read more on this topic.



Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it! Not sharing a bed has such a stigma. (Mostly from people who could sleep through an earthquake and have no kids!) I'm a finicky (understatement) sleeper. Most nights Peter and I share a (KING)bed, but many nights he sleeps downstairs on the daybed, usually because he was up late working and doesn't want to disturb the Dana dragon. Other nights one of us moves because he snores. Or I toss and turn and go on the couch for a change of scenery and hopefully some zzzs (insomnia). Sometimes Lucia joins us (night terrors) and then I usually go sleep in her bed (twin)! Until Maribel was 4 months or so, we RARELY slept together. One of us would sleep next to her in the bassinet or would co-sleep, while the other slept in another room.

Kristin said...

Cute post! I do enjoy sharing a (queen) bed, but maybe that's because my children to not come to bed with us. We considered a king, but we actually felt we were too far from each other (I's sickening, really). But I do understand because I do LOVE my sleep, so anyway you are happy, go for it!

Anonymous said...

Ha this was a funny one. We have a queen which is ok but if I had the space and money I would get a king in a heartbeat. I love the occasional night when my dear hubby is at a retreat of camp out and I get the bed to myself to really stretch. I don't think I would do the twin thing although I occasionally joke with him about it. My grandparents have separate bedrooms and have since I can remember....she has insomnia and sleeps late he goes to bed early and gets up early....I always thought it a little odd though. I guess to each his own...

ookamama said...

ohman, I hear ya on this one for sure, I would ABSOLUTELY no doubt about it love to have my own bed. You are so funny stating the facts about each mattress..... I'm sure Brian will love reading this and seeing how you feel =)

kari and kijsa said...

Cute post! Have to say we went the king size route!!

kari & kijsa

carole said...


carole said...

Okay, I'm back to say that I know it's expensive and not like you can just go buy whatever king bed you want. (or any for that matter ... depending on who you are ...) We had a double for a few months of marriage, then a hand me down queen, then another hand me down queen (slightly better than the 1st), and just last summer we bought a king. Aaaaaaah.
It is so nice.
I remember when I was pregnant for Ian my midwife said that a good bed is the best investment you can make early in marriage. I thought she was saying that with a 'wink, wink, nod, nod' kind of twinkle in her eye, but now I see that it affects so many other aspects of family - room for little ones to snuggle, when need be, room for nursing babes at night, room for deep sleep (so long as there's no snoring!), etc.

Little Sweethearts said...

I think I have a King's Mistress ;)

Sizes seem to vary from what you have over in the States. If I convert centimetres to inches our bed would be 71 inches, so somwhere in between your Queen and King.


Joybells said...

Hey Amy! I LOVE your blog! Very good read. Reading your blog about the beds... Girl, you are right. Separate beds all the way. Who has time to waste any presious sleep to bumping into your spouse? Listening to your spouse snore? Having 1 or 2of your spouse's 5 pillows shoved in your butt...
I know my grandparents had separate beds. I know I sleep on the couch WAY TOO much and it stinks! Separate beds works well for me... Although I'm still sharing one with Kurt.


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