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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Amazing photo

I saw this picture last week on another blog and I can't stop thinking about it.

The caption on the photo said, "A policewoman is breastfeeding a baby whose parents have been not found yet after the earthquake. During the rescue, many policewomen, mothers of 3-6 month babies, breastfeed babies whose parents either died or missed in the earthquake."

It give me goosebumps to see this woman caring for a helpless baby in the most intimate way possible. Notice she's not nursing discreetly the way American mom's must. In the face of crisis, she did what any mother would do for her baby. But it's not her baby! Somehow I can't imagine this happening in America. There would be cries of "Go to Walmart and get some formula for this baby!"
Photo by World2008News



Anonymous said...

Wow you are right that would not happen here. As a mom who nursed my kids I feel strongly about it and if that were my baby and I was possibly dead I would not mind at all, I would actually be grateful. A breastfeed baby not only gets nourishment but comfort and that poor baby needs some comfort for sure. I can't help but notice the people in the background staring though...I'm sure it is because of the photographer but still noticeable. And is that the color of the outfit the baby has on because my first thought was it was blood...and that was very disturbing.

mom said...

This brings tears to my eyes. And makes me happy to see the degree of humanity, and compassion and the love of life this woman so naturally demonstrates.


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