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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Please don't eat my baby

Isn't she a cutie? She's 9 1/2 months old there.
Have you ever heard someone say, "She's so cute, I could just eat her up?" Please don't say that to me. I know what people mean, but I don't know how to respond. What is the proper response anyway? "Thanks"? or "I know. I want to eat her too..."? It's an awkward conversation.

The other day I took both kids to the museum. Kaylee doesn't walk or have opinions on where to go so it worked out great. While there, I spotted a strange couple wandering among the moms and kids. They were both about 50 years old with no kids in tow and silly grins on their faces. They meandered over to where I was and the yucky man started up a conversation with Kaylee. It went like this:

"You're so cute I want to take you home with me! I bet I could put you right in my pocket and take you home."

ME: "NO, You can't."

"Oh but you are so cute! Your mommy won't mind. I have room in my pocket right here, I could sneak you home with me".

Ok, so I already told him no. What else could I say? I was VERY uncomfortable. I wanted to straight up say "Listen dude. You are creeping me out. Please stop talking to us." But I didn't, and guess what he did next? He bent over the stroller and touched her head. HELLO! If you are a creepy old man, don't go around touching sweet little babies! As he walked away he grinned and said, "I really enjoy little people". Again, totally CREEPY. CREEPY. CREEPY.

Have you had yucky conversations like that? And what do you say in response?



Anonymous said...

Sorry Amy Jo but she really is darn cute...especially that top picture. That is creepy but hopefully his intentions were pure. The older folks don't have the same sense of bounds we seems they will say and do anything. I definetly not down with any hands on contact like that though....not cool. I guess you could tell him she is a little on the "bitter" side or that they serve lunch down the hall. I guess as you stated I would just state Thanks and maybe move along. Maybe next time you are there you will run into a creepy blogger girl...hint hint..we go there a lot...I will make sure not to say she's cute enough to eat though!!!! :) BTW did your little guy like the Bernstein Bears exhibit??

Sara said...

EWW! Feeling all creeped out is totally natural! I would have too. My only close-ish story is that one time there was a creepy guy at Blockbuster who was making all these harmless comments to me and my friend while we were there. Then he started to follow us out to our car and was still talking to us. We had tried to be "nice" and yet show we had no intrest in talking to him asking questions we just "pretended" not to hear. The closer he got towards our car the more creppy it felt. So I just turned around and said "Dude- why are you following us. We don't know you and it's creeping us out." It was pretty much on of the rudest things I ever said but it worked. He was like oh- and walked away. Moral of the story is always listen to your gut. You got instincts I say always use them! As Oprah says - At first God always speaks to us in whispers.

Donna said...

First of all, I apologize if I've ever said I would eat your baby. I've never even thought of it before, but will be very aware of it from now on! Secondly, I'm prone to give the old guy a break, too, though I'm not a proponent of strangers touching your children either. I guess it's hard to tell without a picture. Snap one off next time!


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