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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's a winner!

You're looking at a prize wining cake! I'm still awaiting the prize, but I won for "Most Beautiful". The transformer/ plane won for "Most Creative" cake. This was a hit at work...who doesn't love sampling 7 different cakes on break? And believe me, it was all gone in a matter of hours.

Joshua and Brian both were practically drooling over the cake as it was being decorated, so I quick made a second one to keep at home. Joshua decorated it. And it tasted just as good as the pretty one.

Can you see his excitement at the prospect of a sugar high?



Anonymous said...

Personally your cake was my favorite....looks like the little guy was already sampling some cake batter :) Very Cute! BTW did they vote on best tasting cake??

E and T said...

Congratulations on your beautiful cake.

I think it's so sweet that you made a second cake for your family so they didn't miss out on your prize winning cake.

Don't little ones just love decorating cakes. I have to say it is my favourite part as well.


Little Sweethearts said...

Congratulations on your prize! I bet that cake left a sweet taste of victory in your mouth ;)

And of course, once it's won an award, it surely must be replicated over and over again!


Jane said...

That picture is hilarious! I can hear the laughter in LA! So enjoying your blog! I was born and lived in Rochester for 17 years. My dh and I are both from Penfield via Brighton. We still go back every other year for Christmas with my in-laws! Oh, how I miss Wegmans! But, not the snow.


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