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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What is this plant?

Do you know what those straw plants are in the back? Do you know the name? I'm not sure how to care for them. They look dead, and the straws are starting to fly all over my yard. I picked up a garbage bag full of them today and got all scratched up. My ornery old neighbor doesn't like them (they float over to his yard too) and suggested I cut them down. But they are kinda cool, in a tall, straw-ish way. Should I cut them down so they can grow back? If only I knew the name, I could google my way through this...



Sara said...

Pampas Grass

I love Google Challenges!

Sara said...

Online says Cut it down in the spring(March/April).. some sites say burn it to the ground and it thrives! Also another place I found warns to be careful of wasp nests at the bottom... in some places of the country they live there.

Lisa said...

She beat me to it. I didn't know the name because there are so many different varieties. You are supposed to cut it down so it can grow back new this summer. Get your neighbor to do it for you. :-)


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