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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I always say that Dana is my classiest friend. I have others who come close, but she by far has the best style out of the bunch of us. I'll never forget millions of years ago in college we were having a party or shower of some sort. I suggested pizza, my favorite standby. It's yummy, and it's easy to set up and clean up. Dana suggested making round cucumber sandwiches and other delicate and feminine shower-type food. We went with her suggestion.

She just hosted a baby shower and of course it was worthy of Martha Stewart's front cover, or at the very least, a 10 minute spot on Martha's TV show. She catered the food, but hey, she's got two babies these days. The food, (including little round cucumber sandwiches among other dainty items) the favors, everything spoke "CLASSY".

She lives in Fairport,NY, one of the top 100 places to live in all of America. Her house would surely be in the top 100 houses, if the town were to host a competition. She doesn't have a blog to show off her fanciness, so I'm going to do it and hope some of it rubs off on me.

I snuck some pictures while I was nursing and changing Kaylee up in the baby's room.

I love this dresser. The knobs are little pink suns, moons and stars, but I can see her changing them out from time to time as the baby grows up. It's one of those pieces that will be timeless.

First of all, I love the stripes on the wall. I don't have the courage or patience attempt this. I don't know how to make the lines crisp and I'm scared of paint leakage. She spray painted each of the little elephants which makes them really pop. I love 3-D wall hangings.

She has a grouping of bird pictures that count from 1-10. They look like vintage type prints, but without any of the dirt or fading that comes with old stuff.

This is the baby's quilt that Jen made. She is the craftiest friend I'll ever have. The quilt is adorable and makes me want to start digging through my pile of fabric to start sewing something. I love the colors, the appliqued tree, flowers, star, butterfly, bird. Everything about it is darling.

04 12 011




This is a picture of her 4 year old's room. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gauzy material draped over the bed.  She strung ribbons down every couple inches too.  I think Pottery Barn should take a look at it next time they need some inspiration for the next catalogue.



04 12 012


I seriously could have taken photos of Dana's house until my camera card was filled up. Newly wallpapered walls, gorgeous chandeliers, dishes displayed on the wall, play room organization and decoration; I could go on and on.



E and T said...

I love looking at pictures of baby's rooms. It's always fascinating to see what other people do. Your friend has created a beautiful space for her baby - unique and full of colour.

I have this fascination at the moment because we are in the process of creating a room for our baby boy due in June. We've just finished moving our little girl into her "big girl's room" so that was exciting and so much fun putting her new room together.

Little Sweethearts said...

That quilt is simply amazing. Your friend must have spent an enormous amount of time on it. I'm sure her daughter will enjoy it for many more years to come.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad to say that this is the first time I've had the chance to read your blog...and I'm honored to have my quilt shown! Thanks for all the sweet words you said. I must admit, Lucia's and Maribel's quilts are two of the quilts I'm most proud of...probably b/c I didn't follow a pattern and just made it up as I went - liberating to say the least.

And for the record, you cannot minimize all the beautifully creative things you have made for your home. Your stuff is fantastic and your house is very welcoming!


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