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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We collect pieces of technology. Classier people might collect antiques or paintings, books or even stocks and bonds. We collect electronics and I'm certain we have more gadgets than the average family. I generally don't have a clue how most of them work, or even why we need a new video card/ thermal heater/ dual core processor, ect....ect.

Brian has a very nice camera, but it is way out of my league. I have been asking for a cute, small, powerful, and CHEAP camera that I can keep in my purse or diaper bag. Brian found this Kodak camera on line and we agreed it was just what I wanted. I thought I would get it for Mother's Day, but he found a $20 coupon and just couldn't pass it up. I've got a new camera!

Can you remember your first digital camera? The one mega-pixel kind? It was so awesome at the time. My new camera is 10 MP with 5x zoom and High Definition video recorder as well. Dear Lord, please don't let me break this camera....


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