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Monday, April 14, 2008

Who wants to work? I do! I do!

I think everyone should work part time. Who decided that 40 hours was a "normal" work week? Before I had kids, I wanted to work part time. Now that I HAVE kids, I really want to work part time. Getting out of the house and around some normal people a few hours a day is a good thing. People who don't rub snot all over their face and hand me their buggers. People who are potty trained and don't have conversations about the potty. People who understand how a conversation alternates between two people. Yes, it is nice to be around adults a few hours a day.
The other day I realized once again how much I love where I work. For months, people have been brainstorming how to decorate the place. We basically work in little cubicles that can not be decorated due to FCC standards. Well now, outside of the cubicles, it's like we're at the beach! There's a surf board, starfish, flowers, even a grass skirt draped around the main desk. Each cubicle has an assigned number, but now they are also given a beach name. I like to sit in Laguna Beach. Across the way is another grouping of cubicles, decorated with Chinese lanterns, wall hangings and decorations. When the beach is filled up, sometimes I get sent over to China to work.

It just gets better and better in VRS land. I am so grateful for this time in my life where I spend most of my time with my babies and their buggers, and a few hours a week at a place that makes work feel like fun.


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Anonymous said...

Come on now....who said it wasn't fun to talk to grown-ups about poop and buggers? Maybe I'm immature, but the "potty" can still be hysterical even with adults! hahaha



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