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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flowers on the Wall

After painting Thomas, Percy and James, I decided that maybe I like painting!

So one day I started drawing huge flowers on K's walls. I've always doodled daisies, but nothing this size. It was kinda fun! Joshua is impressed, and Kaylee likes to look at them. I'm thinking about putting a quote above these flowers that says,

"Flowers bloomed the day you were born".

I'm not convinced that's the right quote, so I'm holding off.... If you have another suggestions, let me know!

This big one is a growth chart. How often are you supposed to mark it? I marked her at 8 months, since I was excited that I painted something. Should I do it every month? Every 6 months? It will probably end up being whenever I remember or it tickles my fancy. :)



Anonymous said...

Hi there fellow Rochesterian here...the flowers are very cute...this is one of my favorites quotes about flowers.....
"Where flowers bloom so does hope"
- Lady Bird Johnson

Good Luck
BTW love the blanket...adorable

Anonymous said...

You really should check Corbett's Glen out soon as there is talk of some development there that will really ruin the beauty of it....not the best for a stroller though....maybe a carrier for the is a long walk if you want to get to the falls might due to take the hubby the first time :)


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