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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trains on the Walls

If you spend more than 10 minutes at my house, you'll see Thomas, Percy, and James. Maybe Gordon, Emily and Elizabeth will come up in conversation too.

In acknowledgement of J's obsession, I decided to do a "Thomas" themed room. Dad painted the room a nice mellow gray color for me, and Mom and I got busy one weekend drawing a little mural above the changing table. It turned out better than I possibly could have imagined, considering I haven't painted a single thing since high school art class 10 years ago. Joshua was seriously impressed. "You make Thomas? Grammie make Percy? wow......THOMAS! PERCY! JAMES!" His bed is topped with a Thomas tent and I even bought a seriously tacky Thomas clock off ebay.

I never thought my kids would be "into" Elmo, Dora, Sponge bob, Thomas. I hate the commercialism associated with them all, and have never liked any cartoon much myself. But what can I do when three-quarters of all his conversations revolve around Thomas and his friends?

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