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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Changing it up

Ok...I think I found a blog layout that I like. I promise to keep it for at least a week...maybe longer. Thanks to Lena for the template, and for hubby who made some sizing adjustments. He has been on my case to find a better layout, something that "goes" with the theme of "The Little Moments". I really wanted something BLACK because it looks so classy and clean. But apparently that doesn't "go". And the red splotchy one looked like "Christmas". Whatever!

It makes me laugh and ponder who is this man that I've married. He doesn't care how I decorate the house. Seriously. He doesn't care and doesn't notice anything. I've been told that's a great characteristic to have in a husband. (from women whose husbands have a little too much input in home deco) I've gotten used to the "sure, that looks great honey. And that would be great too" comments. If I want to paint the guest room blue or teal or chocolate or tan or maroon, each and every one of those colors would be just fine with him.

But he's concerned about my blog layout. The blog that he never reads. Admittedly, he is the IT department for our family, and the blog is on the computer. I can understand the logic of how it falls under his radar. And I really do appreciate his help in making it all fit on the screen. Otherwise, my layout would never "go"with my blog.


1 comment:

Carole said...

I love the layout! The other one was a little hard for me to read (the black and maroon). Hmm... Now we'll have to set up another blog advise day - with you helping me!


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