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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My baby's got teeth. I know this without a doubt because she bites me. Not everyday, but frequently enough for me to be wary of her. I don't want our nursing time to be tense, but I can't help but brace myself for pain.

Joshua only bit once while nursing; I screamed and he never did it again.

This girl though, doesn't seem to get it. After she bites, I yelp or sometimes scream, depending on if I'm caught off guard. I say "No BITE!" Then she cries. We stop nursing and I comfort her. I'm not sure how much longer I can do this, although I'd like to make it till she's a year. I feel wimpy, knowing that other women put up with much WORSE nursing nightmares than an occasional bite. But still....ouch! Any suggestions?



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry my last post did not make sense.

My son and daughter were just like yours, and I understand your want to get to one year old with nursing. I think you are right to say no bite, even if that means yelling out in surprise. I wonder if she is biting towards the end of the session or "side". If that is the case maybe end the session early, so as to avoid the whole issue. If she does bite I would try maybe not consoling her too much so that she does not start to associate the biting with a nice cuddle. Maybe just end the session and place her with a toy or such. I know this is easier said than done as this is over 2 years behind me. Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

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E and T said...

My daughter also bit me and like you I wanted to get to 12 months of breastfeeding.

We ended up stopping at 11 months as she kept biting and the last time she did it, she drew blood.

I would say "no biting" when she bit me. But the same thing would happen at the next feed.

Unfortunatley, I don't have any solutions for you. I guess it depends on the frequency and severity of the biting. If it happens at the end of the feed you could perhaps try and anticipate when she is getting to the end and take her off before she bites.

I would be interested to see what advice other people have to share.

All the best with this.


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