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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

90 Cape Henry

We've been in our house a couple months now, and I've delayed taking photos of the inside because there is still much I'd like to do:  hang pictures, move pictures, paint, arrange the bookshelves. But the real reason is that I can't keep the house picked up long enough to click the camera's shutter.  So, Lizzy, (and friends and family who live far, far away) these photos are for you. 

half bath

Our half a bath on the first floor looks amazingly similar to the bath at our old house.  It was already painted that lovely green color, so my wall hangings and decorations go perfectly.  This bath might be my favorite thing about the new house, especially with potty training on the horizon.


This is our big ole kitchen.  I keep all the leaves in the table all the time just because I can.

kitchen 2

The kitchen opens up with a wide doorway into the big ole living room.  It is very deaf friendly and kid friendly.  There is lots of space for toys to be strewn all over.  The spaciousness might be my favorite part of this new house.

kitchen shelf 

This is the baker's shelf in the kitchen.  Thanks to my mom, aunt and cousin who helped me "decorate" it.  Previously, it was workin really hard as a major source of storage.  Now I have so many closets that it's purely used as a decorated little corner.   I have 8 closets, plus our walk in closet in the bedroom.   Maybe I'd say that the closets are my favorite thing about our house.


Well, the picture is a little dark, but that is my LIBRARY!  I have a wall of shelves (thanks Target!) and my favorite rocking chair in this room.  It is the "no Toy zone".  I always dreamed about having a library, and I've been re-reading books that had been packed away for the past few years.

living room

This is the living room.  My Goodness, it looks cluttered.  Hmmm, I'll have to take another look at what I'm doing in this room.  Our furniture  looks alright for now.  The wall color is an amazing faux finish.  We get lots and lots of sunlight.   Rochester isn't exactly known for it's fabulous weather, but I didn't realize how much sunlight I was missing at our old house.  I love the bright light streaming through those big windows!


This is what an Ojo Video Phone looks like.  That's Brian on the screen.  I work at a call center as an operator for Snap VRS, and people call in to me using this phone.  It's totally "Fred Flintstone like" technology.


Well, that's the first floor of my house.  You will never see pictures of my basement.  I'll take some photos of the upstairs next time it's clean and the kids are awake, but not desperately needing me.  That's a rare combination of 3 variables.

Everything about this house is my "favorite".  I can not believe I am so blessed, lucky, fortunate, and spoiled to live here.  Please come visit!


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