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Sunday, March 30, 2008

socks and spoons

Every one's heard the tired old jokes about the missing socks that never make it out of the wash cycle. It's not that mysterious. It comes down to user error. I have accepted the fact that I will occasionally drop a sock in between the dryer and washer, or that it will fall out of the basket as I trek up three flights of stairs. Believe me, I've got more interesting and mysterious things going on around my house than mate less socks.

Here's the REAL question: Where are all my spoons?

I have adequate soup spoons. I have more than enough knives and forks. The kid's plastic spoons are multiplying like rabbits in the silverware drawer. But I only have 4 teaspoons. Within hours, sometimes minutes, of unloading my dishwasher, they are all dirty and back in there! I've been known to eat my ice cream with a baby spoon. Who takes them and doesn't return them to the kitchen? I know Matt Lauer wouldn't do that.

I'll admit this likely comes down to "user error" as well for a certain male who lives in my house. But where can I get replacement spoons? I can't bear the thought of another full set of forks, knives and spoons. That type of surplus would send my silverware drawer over the edge. Is it possible to buy single spoons? Are there other silverware drawers out there lacking in spoons?

UPDATE: Walmart sells 5 spoons for a dollar! I was exstatic about such a great deal! Except...they feel like 20 cent spoons. They really do. I don't know if they are aluminum or what, but I guess it's still better than eating with the baby plastic spoons.


Carole said...

I have the same dilemma and wonder what to do about it.

Sara said...

OH MY GOSH! I have the same problem... happens and I can live with it.. but spoons?!? Where do they all go?

Julie said...

Try the dollar store! :) That's how I replenish my spoon collection.


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