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Sunday, March 30, 2008

No, I havn't lost my mind....not yet anyway

I recently sent a letter to an old friend, using our "secret" way of folding the letter, just for fun. We used it when we were kids, because you know that 13 year olds have so many secrets. We needed privacy from parents and siblings and any stranger that might accidentally find our correspondence. The letter makes NO SENSE at all, unless it's folded correctly. Apparently, it's a successful method to code top secrets. Here's a portion of the letter I got back in response:

Hi Amy,
...I read your note several times and a few parts don't
make sense to me. I am baffled actually. Are you doing ok?
It seemed confusing to me and not like any sort of note you have written in the past. I am sending it back to you, maybe I am missing something? All is well, the dogs are doing great and I am so ready for the nice weather to start... Anyway, I am concerned about your note and I really hope everything is ok.

I laughed and laughed when I got her note in the mail. She obviously thinks I've gone mad. I couldn't believe she forgot that the letter needed to be folded to read the real message. I giggled and hooted for a good hour, then I got quiet and sad. She thinks I've lost my mind, but instead of driving over to my house or calling me, she sent a snail mail letter to inquire about my state of mind.

So I sent another letter that made me seem even crazier than the first letter. Just kidding. I'm not that mean. But it crossed my mind because I was curious if she'd try another method of checking on my sanity. I folded up the original letter and taped it so she can read my intended message and sent it back through the mail. I hope she's relieved and maybe a little embarrassed that she forgot one of our secrets from the good 'ole days.


1 comment:

Donna said...

Oh - Aim - this made me laugh so hard! Sooo refreshing to laugh that hard while I'm at work.


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