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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The best laid plans...

Brian and I had our annual dentist appointments today. I always forget how much I hate it; the scraping and scrubbing on my little teeth. I'd rather go once every five years, but I'm afraid of the "projects", as my dentist calls cavities, that might appear if I waited that long.

So, today was the day. Brian's appointment was at 10. The kids and I drove over separately at 11 for my appointment. It went just as planned. I stepped out of the Freestyle, Brian stepped in and drove the kids back home. What a clever little plan, I thought. Neither one of us needs to deal with the kids in the dentist office. We don't' even have to take them out of the car seats or switch cars. I was quite pleased at how smoothly it went.

At noon, with gleaming teeth, I stepped out of the office ready to drive back home in a quiet car by myself. To my surprise, I saw my handsome husband leaning against our Freestyle, looking like an Eddie Baurer model in his E.B. black leather jacket. He had a huge smile on his face and gave me a kiss. I admit that my first fleeting thought was that maybe he had concocted a surprise for me, in lieu of last month's Valentine's Day flop.

Instead, he held out my keys and asked how I was planning on getting home. He had driven all the way home with my keys in the ignition and his set of keys in his pocket. If he hadn't noticed, I would have been stranded all day at the dentist's office with out any way to reach him. (My phone was at Sprint's store, which is a whole other annoying story.)

He announced that he deserved lunch out for saving the day. We went to Zebb's for some hunks of beef on a bun. He thouroughly enjoyed it, and I remembered once again why I rarely eat beef.

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