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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The source of my frustration

Let me start off by saying that if this is the most frustrating thing I'm dealing with right now, then I've got a pretty great life. No sickness, deaths, foreclosures, or accidents, but I've got that phone pictured to my left.

I've spent more time in Sprint's store than I care to count up. I've missed calls, lost phone numbers.

I just got my fifth replacement phone today. And I was in such a hurry that I only half-heartedly checked it out before leaving. It's partly defective too. That little black button controls everything, and that's the main problem with the last 4 phones I've had.

Brian told me that Sprint is "bleeding through the nose" and trying to keep customers happy so if I'm persistent maybe they'll give me the upgraded phone. My first thought is, "oh no! I feel so bad that they are losing so much money!" And Brian's first thought is," Their product is terrible and they ought to replace it for free!"

I haven't even bothered to upload my contacts in the last 3 phones, since they stop working so soon after I get them. Then I wait 5 days for the replacement phone to come in, and it's just a viscous cycle.

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