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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas cards 2007

It's a Merry Christmas once again this year!

As I sit down with my address book to look at the alphabetized list of friends and family, old and new memories bring a smile to my face. I love addressing Christmas envelopes because it gives me a chance to remember each of you, one at a time. I pray that this Christmas season gives you a chance to count up your blessings, as I think about mine.

Our little family grew by 25% this year! Little Kaylee Anna was born in July, and nothing in our house has been the same since. Joshua completely ignored her the first week, but has since come to love little "Kay", as he calls her. He brings her toys, rolls balls and trucks her way and gives her hugs all the time. Every day I yell out: "Be gentle with Kaylee!" But, she loves the attention and I enjoy seeing them interact.

With the arrival of Kaylee, Brian decided we needed a bigger family car and a bigger home, so we've recently made two huge purchases! Don't mistake our Freestyle for a mini-van though. Brian took a solemn vow many years ago not to become a mini-van dad, and so far has been able to stick to it. We sold our little house, and will move into our new house the first week of January 2008. The house is about double the size of our current one, and Kaylee won't have to share her bedroom and closet with us any more. I'm not sure she's been inconvenienced, but I'm really looking forward to more space! The house is one mile away from RIT, and two miles away from where I work. We've calculated that we can go back and forth to work for a month before needing to refill the gas tank!

Love came down on Christmas Day so many years ago and brought the greatest happiness the world would ever know.
Peace came down on Christmas Day to fill the hearts of men with all the sweet tranquility each Christmas brings again.
Joy came down on Christmas Day as angels came to earth heralding the miracle of our Messiah's birth.
May Love, Peace and Joy be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!


90 Cape Henry Trail
W. Henrietta, NY 14586

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