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Monday, December 24, 2012

Why I read to my kids

When I was pregnant with Gracie, I remember a sweet lady (Mrs. Nutt) telling me how great it was to have three kids close together; she loved reading books to them all together. 
I love reading.  It’s one of my preferred entertainment and relaxation activities.   There are so many good reasons to read to kids;  many good quotes about reading;  more books that I’ll ever have time to read.  Right?  Right.
But the real reason why I read to my kids everyday… so that there’s only one voice  (my voice) to listen to.   It’s the best way to give my ears a rest from the chatter of a full house.  When it gets too crazy in the house, I yell for everyone to go pick a book out and meet at the couch.   

2012-12-06 001 2012-12-06 006

2012-12-06 001 2012-12-06 012
2012-12-06 001 2012-12-06 013
It’s not always comfortable, depending on who’s tugging at my clothes or jumping over my head to get the best couch position. 
But it’s quiet (er).
Yes, Mrs. Nutt.  I too love reading to my three kids.

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